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Risk Takers

It takes an exceptional person to be an entrepreneur. It takes a mind that is willing to leave the safety cushions of ordinary employment to go for their dream. This is why successful entrepreneurs get as wealthy as they do. They were willing to take that risk, and as a result their reward is great. I remember my first year accounting lecturer telling us that charted accountants will never become super wealthy. This is because you have to take great risks to attain extraordinary success. Even experts in the financial field are limited in their success if they’re not willing to take some risks.


With that said though, stats show that in South Africa, only about 30-35% of all small businesses started will succeed. This is one of the lowest small business success rates in the world. Why is that? Our entrepreneurs have just as much talent and ingenuity as entrepreneurs in other countries.

One of the reasons for this is capacity, or the lack thereof. No one told us how high we could fly so we limited our drive to that which was before us. Whereas in the more economically stable countries, entrepreneurship is strongly promoted and supported by government institutions, and also by the entrepreneurs themselves.


In South Africa, many organized institutions have begun to invest a lot of money and resources into developing our lacking small-business infrastructure. However, we as the entrepreneurs of our country must be in the forefront and be the driving force of this at grass-root  level.


This is what Our Blog is all about. This site is a platform where entrepreneurs can come to get valuable business information, important business tools, useful business development tools, crucial statistics, post articles, share information and have discussions on all things business. So then, together we will be building a kind of central information depository  that is easily accessible and regularly updated by anyone with something to add. In engaging like this we will be developing a rich online environment for SA entrepreneurs and so assisting in the development of the SA entrepreneurship infrastructure at grass-root level.


So if you are conducting business research or are curious about a certain business topic, you can search in the available search engines; alternatively you can come to Our Blog and search for the relevant article or see what like minded entrepreneurs such as yourself have said about the topic .Also you will be able to find a host of links to valuable articles already grouped and listed under various categories. The advantage here is that you will be able to ask questions, add your own views, share your own advises and experiences, make requests, etc. The more you participate the more we all grow. Its Your’s, it’s Mine, it’s Our Blog.


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