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On this page you will be able to easily access the business information that is so valuable to business development. We have done the research for you! Under the most popular entrepreneur-searched topics and industries, we have placed the following. 1. Links to useful business articles (specific to the South African business climate). 2. Links to entrepreneurship-centered business videos. 3. Downloadable templates and resources for free! 

If you are researching about a particular SA business topic, you can search for it easily on INFO-Share. Either in reading format (articles), video format, or using a downloadable template. INFO-Share simplifies the process of research for you, and also gives you a platform to share your knowledge and information with others. As the SA entrepreneurship community we possess valuable knowledge, we can can now share and access it easily through INFO-Share.

Choose the format of information you require below, and proceed to that page to access it easily. 



   INFO-Share is divided into 3 parts. Each part has its own page. Choose the kind of information that you need, and click the button to go to the relevant page.

   1. Article links:


 In this  page you will find hundreds of links to useful business articles specific to the SA business sphere. The article links are  listed  under the most popular entrepreneur searched topics and industries.



    Kinds of funding institutions


       Most asked questions by entrepreneurs/SMME’s


   2. Video links:


 In this page you will find a number of links to important business videos that contain useful information and hints for SA entrepreneurs. 



 How to grow a small business (Jack Ma)



Professional Networking: How To Add Value to Your Connection
   3. Downloadable templates and resources:

 This page contains a wide array of editable templates and business resources that are usually offered for sale; but here you can download them freely.



Download Business Plan Template:


INFO-Share is a kind of central information depository. It’s where we as entrepreneurs can share information about the various aspects of business in SA. For example: articles, tips, advises, discussions, how-to’s, etc. This way we will be cultivating, for ourselves, a greater online entrepreneurship infrastructure. Once we do this we will be able to access and share such information easily! 

Please do participate. Everyone’s input is valuable.We will be adding more articles in the Blog page and conducting conversations in the Discussion Panel page.  

To ask questions, comment, please fill out the reply section below. Thank you!

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