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Get Yourself a Mentor

When an entrepreneur is just starting out they are entering into a world of the unknown. Everyday is full of surprises and the road is full of highs and lows. You have all these bright ideas but the execution is hardly ever what you anticipated. Many a time entrepreneurs find themselves failing not because their idea can never work but simply because they don’t have someone to show them the ropes- Get Yourself a Mentor.

There many benefits of having a mentor as an entrepreneur, it could be the difference between a success story and a failed attempt. Some of the benefits include getting advice, direction and motivation when you need it. Every successful business person has gone through the common challenges new entrepreneurs go through like getting financial backing and making your idea attractive enough to be valued for what you see it as; so who better to help you than the people who have been through the things you have been through, failed a couple of times and finally succeeded.

When looking for a mentor it’s important you get someone who is actually interested in mentoring. Get someone who is willing to take time off of their busy schedule to meet up with you or even chat via e-mail about your ideas and how you intend on making them to work-advice,direction and motivation. Mentees frustrate their mentors because they don’t invest enough time researching their own ideas and coming up with solutions, your mentor is not your answerbook. They’re there to guide you, so try not to waste their time and come to meetings prepared, follow-up on the advise they gave you and complete any tasks you might have agreed on. Mentors can also connect you with the right people in your industry because sometimes it is about who you know.

Finding a mentor is much like finding a friend, there isn’t a particular formula to get one. It’s also not that easy to find a good mentor but intently look for one whether through networking, referrals or just contacting someone you admire. Make sure it’s someone you can respect, someone you can also build an honest relationship with.¬†You don’t have to have one mentor, you can have different mentors for different purposes. Some mentors can be in it for the long hall while others are there to help you through a phase of your growth as an entrepreneur. Some mentors can be personal to you while others can be mentors to your business directly and serve on your advisory board. Whatever the case just make sure you are not buying one, those are never that effective.

Be goal driven and give yourself and your business a fat chance not only to survive but to thrive no matter the challenge. Get Yourself a Mentor.


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