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Many people find it easier to learn through watching a video than reading article. Through platforms like YouTube we are able get a how-to video of almost anything we want to find out about. . However, finding the particular business videos that you require can be time consuming. It is especially difficult to find business videos specific to the SA business sphere (due to a small number of posts). Video Links makes this easy for you. We’ve found a number of entrepreneur-targeted videos that can help the SA entrepreneur, and put them under certain topics. We have then placed the links to those videos under the topics, making them easily accessible to you.
  • If you are looking for business videos, you can search through the particular topics listed below.
  • Under the topic that you choose, you will find a link to the particular video relevant to that topic. Just simply click on the link of the video you desire to view.
  • Thereafter you will be redirected to the website that contains that particular video. Then just watch and learn!


Video Links:

image business videos

    By Topic:

    4 laws of business 

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEBWachgKac  (Vusi Thenbekwayo)

    How to grow a small business 

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7tF-cY2M9o&pbjreload=10 (Jack Ma)  

    Professional Networking: How To Add Value to Your Connections


    How To Write a Business Plan To Start Your Own Business


    What are distribution channels?


    Distribution Strategy – An Introduction


    Marketing Ideas for Small Business – 10 Effective Marketing Tips



    How To MARKET Your SMALL BUSINESS in 2017


    Quick guide to creating a marketing plan for your small business


    How to register your business in South Africa


    Prototype & patent – IdeaNav South Africa



    How to protect your ideas in South Africa


    How To Create A Website In South Africa| STEP: [ 1/4] Buying A Domain Name


    How to Create a Business Website with WordPress EASY


    Start-up Funding 101 – Considerations for South African Businesses



    Patent Application Process in South Africa


INFO-Share is meant to serve as a kind of central information depository. It’s where entrepreneurs can share information about the various aspects of business in SA. Like articles , advises, articles, discussions, how-to’s, etc. This way we will be cultivating, for ourselves, a greater online entrepreneurship infrastructure. Once we do this we will be able to access and share information easily!  

So please do participate and share your knowledge. We will keep adding more links as regularly as possible; however more articles can be found in the Blog page and also in the Discussion Panel page. 

To ask questions, comment, Add articles or links, please fill out the reply section below. Thank you!


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